Learn responsive design from scratch (includes HTML5 and CSS3 crash courses)

Hi coders!

It was a long-weekend here in Canada (August 4-6, 2018) and I thought I'd make a fairly quick, beginner-friendly course on creating a responsive website from scratch!

It includes learning HTML5 and CSS3, but also goes into ways to debug your code, how to make the most out of your browsers Inspect tool, how to add transition as simple animations and of course making your website completely responsive.

Usually I put my course up here, on Kalob.io first, then Udemy, and then Skillshare and other places, but I thought I'd try something new. So this course is only available on Skillshare for the time being. If you're already on Skillshare, great!

I also tried the "floating head" video style, which I've never committed to before. I invested in a green screen, a great microphone, better recording software and a great recording computer, so I'm hoping you'll all enjoy this course! (And if it turned out well, I'll make another one with the same ultra-high quality)

Check it out and happy coding! 

P.S. Here's the link, https://skl.sh/2OP8cC3

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