Terms of Service

The products and services ("Services") provided by Kalob.io ("Us", "Our", Me", "Kalob") covered by these Terms and Conditions ("Terms") govern your use of Services, not limited to the website, apps, and other services. By signing up you are agreeing to accept all of these terms and conditions. By using our Services you also agree to be bound by these Terms, including but not limited to additional policies that may be referenced in these Terms.


"You" means you as a User of Kalob.io.

"User" is anybody who signs up on Kalob.io's website, apps or other technologies.

"Us", "Our", Me", "Kalob" means Kalob.io.

"Terms" means this term document, and additional policies.

"Services" means Kalob.io's products and services.

"Partner" means a person who Kalob.io has chosen to work with.

Using Kalob.io

Anybody can use Our Services if they can accept a binding contract with Kalob.io and can comply with local, regional and national laws. You must also be 10 years of age or older. In addition, some courses offered may require ages 18 or older. You also agree to only use and maintain one single account.

By accepting these Terms we are granting you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use our Services. Simply using our Services does not give you ownership or permission to reproduce material such as courses, images, design, videos, articles or any other content found when using our Services, including intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, written content or course names.

Our Courses

Kalob.io reserves the right to refund, pause, cancel, suspend, remove and modify your account at any time. Kalob.io can also modify, delist, unpublish and remove courses, course material, downloadable content, and students from any course. Course modifications can also include, but are not limited to course coupons, pricing, reviews, lesson reviews, titles, modules and more.

Courses are both free and paid. Prices on courses are in U.S. Dollars. A full subscription to Kalob.io will grant you full access to all applicable courses.


You will have 10 days to trial Kalob.io. You have the first 10 days to request a refund. After the 10 day trial period you will be billed on the same day of each month for a full Kalob.io subscription. If you've purchased a single course, no refund will be granted. When you request a refund, Kalob.io reserves the right to keep your questions, comments, discussion points and reviews in the course however you will not receive notifications, emails or updates from the refunded course.


While security is a high priority for Us and we work to continue providing higher security for You, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized personnel will not beat our security. If there is any compromised data or unauthorized use on your account please contact Us immediately.

Third Party Content

Kalob.io is not liable for content that any user shares. In addition, any content third party users, companies or groups of people share is not the responsibility or liability of Kalob.io.


You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Kalob.io from all expenses, liabilities, damages and claims, including attorney fees and costs, made by any third party related to: (a) your use or attempted use of the Services in violation of these Terms; (b) your violation of any law or rights of any third party; or (c) User shared content, including without limitation any claim of infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property or other proprietary rights.