About Kalob
Learn web development from @Kalob Taulien

What is Kalob.io?

It's an online learning platform where you can learn how to become a web developer from scratch.

What's the purpose behind Kalob.io?

If you want to learn how to make websites and web applications, you're in the right spot. Kalob.io was designed to teach you how to code. You won't learn how to knit or how to fly an airplane. Kalob.io is for learning to code. That's the purpose.

Who is Kalob?

Hi, I'm Kalob Taulien, and I created the courses on this website and the website itself.

I'm a web developer, entrepreneur, and online teacher.

Why are my courses on Kalob.io?

I'm a web developer, entrepreneur, and online teacher, as mentioned in the section above, and when you mix those three attributes you basically get this website.

My courses are available on Kalob.io, but they're also available on Arkmont.com, Udemy.com, Skillshare, and sometimes I put some videos up on YouTube.

What do the courses cost?

Unlimited course and resource access for just $19.95. Cancel at any time.

How to contact me

This is a tough one. Since I've been able to reach tens of thousands of students, I can't simply give out my email address (I used to do that, but it got flooded with incoming questions, there's a Facebook group for that now).

Generally the best way to contact me is through Twitter, although I don't respond very quickly on Twitter. The best way is in the Learning to Code Facebook Group (tag me in a post with your question).

How to request a new course

You might have heard already, and it's true, I really do take course requests. The best way to make a course request is through the Learning to Code Facebook Group. Just tag me in a comment or post!

Available Courses

There are currently 6 courses

Over 111,000 people reached on Udemy
Tonnes of subscribers on Skillshare
And hundeds of monthly subscribers on Kalob.io

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