Developer Case Study

Hodges and Mohr was different from what I typically work on. 99% of the websites I work on use Wagtail CMS, but the client requested WordPress this time. Ok, no problem, I can work with WordPress.

What makes this site interesting is it's templating and integration with's API. I also created this website from start to end, full frontend and backend plus taking care of the website launch.

This site was developed and designed at Lift Interactive.

Unique Challenges

First unique challenge is templating. Once you've worked with Django's templating (or Jinja, or Symphony's Twig/Timber templating systems) you'll never want to go back. PHP is not a bad language, despite what people like to say. But the templating can become really complex and messy incredibly quick. So I opted to use Symphony's Twig templating system because it's very liquid-based and similar to Django/Wagtail templates already. This made sense for an agency that primary created Django and Wagtail websites. It keeps the templating the same of other developers.

The other challenge was API integration into Turns out their API at the time was was not very developer friendly. There were lots of gotchas and undocumented pieces.

Regardless, this website turned out great and I'm very proud of how it turned out. That's compounded by the fact it's using a CMS I don't typically work with.