Wagtail CMS Core Developer Member

The pride and joy of my coding career! Wagtail CMS is Python's #1 content management system. I'm one of the lucky members of the Wagtail CMS Core Development Team.

Educational Coding

I'm passionate about education and coding. One of my favourite things is to teach people how to code. I have over 300,000 students (over 225,000 on Udemy alone). Below are two of my projects. LearnWagtail.com is the #1 place to learn Wagtail CMS. And Coding for Everybody.com is one of the other brands I operate (subsequently it operates the Learning to Code Facebook Group that has over 50,000 members).

Projects I'm Proud Of

I've worked on thousands of websites in my career as a web developer. Below are some of the projects I'm incredibly proud of.


Wagtail, Django and Python Support

If you're looking for a Python, Django or Wagtail developer feel free to reach out! If I can't help you I will at least point you in the right direction.

Wagtail CMS is my expertise. It's built on top of Django. Django is built on top of Python. And I can help with all 3.

I'm always available to answer questions, too.

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